Nov 072018

Three new open application periods for hazard mitigation/flood resilience projects through FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and the Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant programs.


  • HMGP: There will be roughly $725,000 (545,000 federal share) available for eligible projects/plans under FEMA Disaster DR4356.
    • State agencies, municipalities and private non-profit organizations are eligible applicants.
    • Application deadline to VEM is 10/26/18
  • PDM: Vermont will receive a $767,000 (575,000 federal share) set-aside for eligible projects/plans under PDM, in addition to the chance to apply for up to 15% (or $37,380,000) of the PDM funding allocation for competitive projects.
    • FEMA is prioritizing Advance Assistance funding under PDM, which can be used to “obtain data to prioritize, select and develop community mitigation projects for future flooding.” This is a rare opportunity for communities to access critical, project development/engineering design funds prior to project development. $200,000 is available under this pot of funding.
    • Maximum budget per subapplicant is $4 million
    • PDM 2018 Fact Sheet
    • State agencies and municipalities are eligible subapplicants
    • Application period opens 10/1/18 and closes in early January (date TBD)
  • FMA: $160 million has been obligated to FMA for FY17, with a prioritization of $70 million on community flood mitigation projects. Vermont is eligible for up to $10 million.
    • State agencies and municipalities participating in the NFIP are eligible for this funding.
    • FMA 2018 Fact Sheet
    • FEMA has determined that Advance Assistance funding will be eligible under FMA, as well as PDM, to develop potential mitigation projects and acquire the data necessary to create eligible and robust applications in future rounds of funding. $100,000 is available under this pot of funding.
    • Application period opens 10/1/18 and closes in early January (date TBD)

More information on these grant programs, required forms, etc. can be found on the VEM Mitigation Funding page. Feel free to contact TRORC or VEM for more information and on how to apply.