Tier II



The state of Vermont and LEPC12 requires that TierII reports be sent in the Tier2 Submit file format .ts2. If you send a paper copy or pdf it will not be accepted. Please email these files to Victoria Littlefield at vlittlefield@trorc.org

All facilities that use or possess certain hazardous substances (including petroleum products) or chemicals that exceed the minimum reporting threshold quantity are required under the Vermont Community Right-to-Know Program and the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) to complete a Tier II inventory form and submit it annually to the state’s Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer.  All reporting facilities and transporters are also encouraged to participate in the LEPC.  Our meetings are usually the third Thursdays of even months.  You can find the meeting notice at https://www.lepc12.org/calendar/

Hazardous materials that require reporting include lethal chemicals, but also common substances such as fuel, and even sand, salt, or sawdust if in large quantities. To see what the list of substances is and the reporting threshold, or to contact the state office, go to the VT HAZMAT Compliance Tier II Program using the link below.  EPCRA has reporting requirements and Vermont has its own requirements.


Many towns in Vermont are unaware that they are required to report substances such as sand and salt. This can be done using the free Tier2 Submit software which can be downloaded here: https://www.epa.gov/epcra/tier2-submit-software.

State-specific information is listed below:

The NAICS code for road crews is 92111. 

Town Duns # Registered as
Barnard 781155353 Town of Barnard
Bethel 795127372 Town of Bethel
Bradford 032585754 Town of Bradford
Braintree 108878489 Town of Braintree
Bridgewater 949682143 Town of Bridgewater
Brookfield 804444057 County of Orange, Town of Brookfield
Chelsea 186993668 The Town of Chelsea
Corinth 949773923 Town of Corinth
Fairlee 100461552 Town of Fairlee
Granville 025686122 Town of Granville, Inc.
Hancock 026126391 Town of Hancock
Hartford 073973695 Town of Hartford
Hartland 042589085 Town of Hartland
Newbury 149361433 Town of Newbury
Norwich 042743021 Town of Norwich
Pittsfield 035892553 Town of Pittsfield
Plymouth 825122260 Town of Plymouth
Pomfret 949845887 Town of Pomfret
Randolph 033071796 Town of Randolph
Rochester 095524716 Town of Rochester
Royalton 949686919 Town of Royalton
Sharon 042916668 Town of Sharon
Stockbridge 042917567 Town of Stockbridge
Strafford 804865202 Town of Strafford
Thetford 804869832 Orange County, Town of Thetford
Topsham 033443532 Town of Topsham
Tunbridge 949772610 Town of Tunbridge
Vershire 033533969 Town of Vershire
W. Fairlee 949775639 Town of West Fairlee
Woodstock 805106275 Town of Woodstock


If you need assistance or training on the program, please contact Victoria Littlefield at the email above.