Aug 022016

Department of Public Safety – Vermont State Police is seeking agencies willing to host a Traffic Incident Management course.

 Traffic Incident Management (TIMs) Training Announcement

Challenge:  Effective traffic incident clearance is an important means of improving safety and reducing congestion delays.  A national, multidisciplinary training curriculum is needed to help ensure a well-coordinated response to traffic incidents that achieves faster clearance and improved safety for both responders and motorists.

Solution: On training dates listed below, the Vermont Agency of Transportation and the Vermont State Police will be hosting an Incident Management Responder Training for road crews, law enforcement, firefighters, towing & wrecker operators, medical personnel and other emergency responders together to engage in various interactive, hands-on incident resolution exercises.

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Facility Accommodations:

  • Conference room to hold participants from 40-60
  • Easily accessible parking.

Course Start Time & End Time:

  • 6:00PM Registration
  • 6:30PM Start Time
  • 10:30PM End Time

To host a TIMS course, send in the following information to the :

  • Two available dates (anytime after August 1st, 2016). (There is flexibility on dates by request).
  • Time of which you are requesting. (There is flexibility on times by request).
  • Physical Address of host Facility.

We encourage all of our partners to attend sessions that are going to be scheduled. Please share this invitation with others in your agency or other partners who may be interested in hosting as well.

For further training opportunities check out the Vermont Training Calendar, .


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